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Nurse's Note

 I wanted to let parents know I will be at school May 18-21 from 12pm-5:00pm for any parents to pick up their child’s medicines or medical supplies from me when they pick up their child’s belongings. If these days and times do not work email me at and we will arrange a time I can meet you to get them. Thank you.



During this time of social distancing I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss our current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic and some things we can do to stay healthy. COVID-19 is a virus thus antibiotics will not treat it and as of now there is no vaccine. The best things we can do to prevent this illness is good hand-washing and staying home thus the reason for social distancing. Also covering all coughs and sneezes and staying away from anyone who is sick and staying away from people if you are sick will curb the spread of this virus. Social distancing does not mean we can’t enjoy the outdoors, take a walk, or walk our dogs. In fact exercise and fresh air is encouraged. This time of social distancing could be a positive thing for families if we allow it to be. Enjoy family time. Spend time together. Get outside with the kids and kick a soccer ball. Have a family game night and dig out those old board games or puzzles. Have family movie and popcorn night. I know my daughter has a huge screen and projector and we are going to have some outdoor family movie nights soon. I am excited for this as it will remind me of the old drive in movies. You can read a book together. Complete a puzzle or art project together. Get out and explore nature and go for a hike together somewhere where there will be very little people. My hope is not only that this time of social distancing will flatten the curve or slow the spread of the virus but will also bring our families closer together. That it will make our community stronger as we find ways to communicate and stay connected while disconnected and find ways to educate in ways we have never had to before. I would also like to take this time to tell all my students how much I love and miss them and hope they are all healthy. Adena Regional Medical Center has set up a COVID-19 hotline if you think you may be affected. The number is: 740-542-SAFE or 740-542-7233. If you have fever, cough, body aches, and difficulty breathing call this number or call your family physician. Of course if you are experiencing severe respiratory distress call 911. There is also information about COVID-19 on the CDC and Ohio Department of Health websites. I hope all of our students, families, staff and staffs’ families stay healthy and enjoy this time together.


Sincerely, Nurse Vicki